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Are you ready to Wake the WILD woman within?

To access your primal superpower.

To be seen in your unapologetic truth.

To trust yourself fully. 

To stop caring what other people think.

Join me on Wednesday May 31st @ 11am PDT for a potent 2 hour workshop.


The WILD woman is the wayshower for a life lived in your full potential. When she is integrated, she becomes the portal to your full power. 

During our time together, we will ACTIVATE your WILD expression and explore how this archetype supports you in living your f*ck YES life! 


To access more of your Divine superpower and be seen as the leader you are.

To feel safe in the fullness of your authentic expression.

To trust your unique voice and gifts.


To experience what it feels like to have confidence that oozes out.

To let go of worrying about what other people think. 

No more tiptoeing around what you want. No more playing small.


This is your invitation to UNLEASH your WILD expression and take a stand for what you believe in. To experience what it feels like to have radical confidence so that you can show up as the wayshower you were born to be and create a life of more joy, connection, purpose, and pleasure.

Meet Your Mentor 

Meghan is a Divine Feminine Embodiment Mentor and Ascension Channel on a mission to raise the vibration on the planet by guiding soul led women with gifts + vision into their highest evolution. Her work is a portal into your fullest expression. A journey of Reclamation, Liberation, and Goddess Activation. Through your heart, your body, your pleasure, and your play, she teaches you how to embody your true essence and become the Divine Feminine Leader of your Life.


Since 2017, she's worked with 100's of women on the subject of empowered living, feminine leadership, and embodiment. She is the founder of Embodied Goddess and CEO of her personal brand serving women through transformational retreats, group programs, heart centered offerings, and 1:1. It is her greatest joy and highest honor to walk the Priestess Path with other mission driven souls in service to humanity rising. 


She believes that WE have the power to change the world. That WOMEN, deeply embodied, fully expressed, and turned all the way on - in their life, love, and sacred work - will be the ripple effect that birth's a new earth with a higher, unconditionally loving vibration.  


It's TIME to live your YES!

"Meghan's leadership was everything I never knew I needed! As a coach myself it was so powerful to be held, witnessed, and championed by another powerful woman doing this kind of work. Her presence itself is medicine. She knows exactly who she is, so grounded and rooted in her true essence. She exuded a love that continually inspired me to open my heart every day. In every conversation, I saw myself and my blind spots with so much clarity, knowing exactly what I needed to come back into alignment and truth. She is a powerful channel of the Divine feminine calling you deeper into your body and your power, helping you clear out what no longer serves so you feel safe to show up, share, and shine your light in the world."

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