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Hi I'm Meghan :-) 

A Transformational Leader, Embodiment Mentor, and Ascension Channel on a mission to raise the vibration on the planet by guiding soul led women with gifts + vision into their highest evolution. My work is a portal into your fullest expression. A journey of Reclamation, Liberation, and Goddess Activation. Using your body as the portal, I teach you how to tap in, turn on, come alive, and thrive as the Divine Feminine Leader of your Life. 

I serve clients through transformational retreats, group programs, and 1:1 offerings and it is my greatest joy, and highest honor to walk with you on this path. 

I believe that WE have the power to change the world. That WOMEN, deeply embodied, fully expressed, and turned all the way on - in their life, love, and sacred work - will be the tidal wave of love that birth's a new earth with a higher, unconditionally loving vibration. May you find joy living your highest purpose and always remember that you are an infinite, divine, being of light.

I love you,


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