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Meghan is a Transformational Leader, Embodiment Mentor, and Ascension Channel on a mission to raise the vibration on the planet by guiding soul led women with gifts + vision into their highest evolution. Her work is a portal into your fullest expression. A journey of Reclamation, Liberation, and Goddess Activation. Through your voice, your body, your pleasure, and your play, she teaches you how to embody your true essence and become the Divine Feminine Leader of your life. 


She's worked with 100's of women on the subject of empowered living, leadership, and embodiment and is on a mission to equip as many humans as possible with the tools to create a deeply fulfilling, empowered, and liberated life.  It is her greatest joy and highest honor to walk the Priestess Path with other mission driven souls in service to humanity rising. 


She believes that WE have the power to change the world. That ALL women, deeply embodied, fully expressed, and turned all the way on - in their life, love, and sacred work - will be the ripple effect that birth's a new earth with a higher, unconditionally loving vibration.

Abstract Background

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