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Show up unapologetically online and soar as a 1% feminine leader in the industry.

Heal your witch wound as feel safe in your magic.

Unlock your throat chakra and post bold content without feeling like you need to throw your phone across the room or crawl in a hole and hide.

Feel so confident you could strut the red carpet in a thong bikini without a care in the world.

Stop giving a f*ck about the judgments of internet trolls. 


Own the shit out of your gifts and show up like superwoman embodied in your power.

Live and lead like a tapped in, turned on, WILD WOMAN.

This embodiment journey

is an awakening of your most powerful and liberated self.


I will guide you into a sacred awakening of the WILD WOMAN - the sensual, wild, divine, and free that most of us have been taught to avoid. Through her sacred dance, we will unleash your full potential and explore what it feels like to embody your most tapped in, turned on, alive, and liberated self.

WILD WOMAN Activation Journey Includes: 

Guided embodiment journey 

Integration coaching & support

75 mins total via zoom 

Energy Exchange  

 It's time to invest in what you truly desire to embody and create.

Meet Your Guide

Meghan is a Feminine Leadership & Embodiment Mentor leading a revolution for feminine leaders. She is on mission to raise the vibration on the planet by guiding soul led women with gifts + vision into their highest evolution. Her work is a portal into your fullest expression. Using your body, she teaches you how to tap in, turn on, come alive, and thrive in your life and soul's work.


She believes that WE have the power to change the world. That WOMEN, deeply embodied, fully expressed, and turned all the way on - in their life, love, and sacred work - will be the tidal wave of love that birth's a new earth with a higher, unconditionally loving vibration.  


"There are no words for how f*cking powerful that embodiment journey was. It was like I was having a 2 fold experience of releasing, remembering, reclaiming, and reigniting all the dormant parts of myself that have been disconnected, stagnant, and shut off. I kept having this visual that I am only operating at 15% of my full capacity, like a paralyzed, lump body from the neck down, so disconnected from everything, and this journey was like someone just took a huge switch and turned the power back on. It was so potent, and so powerful. Every woman needs to experience this." Savannah J

"I am a more quiet person, but Meghan was able to get me to roar so fiercely that I worked out so much anger and frustration out of my body I cried. I went soo deep nothing was left but me." Mariah M

"Meghan introduced me to my own personal sensual power. I learned the Goddess inside me does exist. I screamed, danced, cried, raged, roared, laughed. I felt all of my power vibrating through my whole body. I feel free." Britt K

"Meghan's leadership was everything I never knew I needed! As a coach myself it was so powerful to be held, witnessed, and championed by another powerful woman doing this kind of work. Her presence itself is medicine. She knows exactly who she is, so grounded and rooted in her true essence. She exuded a love that inspired me to open up and I saw myself and my blind spots with so much clarity, knowing exactly what I needed to come back into alignment and truth. She is a powerful channel of the Divine feminine calling you deeper into your body and your power, helping you clear out what no longer serves so you feel safe to show up, share, and shine your light in the world." Ashley P

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