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Embodied Breakthrough Intensive

In this 90 minute session, you will be led through a powerful somatic practice to heal and transmute an area of STUCKNESS in your life. Through a combination of Coaching, Embodiment, Breath & Energy Work, you will be guided to attune to your body's intelligence to release stored memories, emotions, stagnant energy, and trauma trapped in your cells. These sessions generate profound healing, newfound clarity, insights, epiphanies, creative downloads, mass release of tension and stress, and deeper connection to your feminine superpower, higher self and soul. When you change the energy stored in your cells you change you life, PERIOD.

This session will be held on Zoom and is very interactive. Please choose a quiet setting where you won't be disturbed and bring wireless headphones for the best experience. All of you is welcome here. All of your experience is welcome here. Our time together is about creating a safe space for your soul's most authentic expression to shine through while feeling emotionally supported, safe, trusting, and empowered each step of the way. To schedule please click the link below. Let's fly!

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Cailie M

"This was one of the most profound sessions I've had to date! I feel like I released decades of childhood shame and judgement around the fear of being seen and using my voice. A layer was literally peeled off my body. I feel lighter, invigorated, passionate, alive, and so freaking powerful. Working with Meghan was undoubtedly one of the best decisions of my life." 

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Lindsay M

"I am blown away by the courage and clarity this session brought me. Before the session I felt stuck and paralyzed and couldn't for the life of me move through my stand still in life. After the session I felt free to just be me! The entire time I felt so safe, so held, and so seen in Meghan's presence. Truly an incredible experience that I will absolutely do again!"


Ashlie B

Wow! Just wow! I've been stuck in an area for quite some time now and have tried so many different ways of pushing past it. I decided to give this a shot and was guided to an emotional release like I've never felt before. I'm still in awe of this unique session that's quite literally "gotten me out of my own way." My body feels lighter and I feel at peace with a situation from my past that I had no idea was still affecting my present. This was truly a gift from above. Thank you Meghan for your heart, your love, and your guidance. You are an earth angel and I feel so blessed."

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