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Join us on the new moon for a day of expansion, possibility, pleasure & play through cacao, yoga, dance, sound healing, release, ritual, community, sisterhood & more!

Together, we will harness the power of the new moon to release what no longer serves, tap into joy and possibility, and call in our dream realities. You will be expanded into a whole new world of possibility while you soak up the magic and healing power of a day in nature. 

A one of a kind experience that will leave you feeling empowered, clear, free, and sooooo freaking good when you leave!

Dream Life Day Retreat Includes: 

Cacao Ceremony & Yoga

Ocean Release & Cleansing Ritual

Calling in Ceremony

Chakra Activation Dance w/DJ

Dream Life Meditation 

Sound Healing

Closing Circle

Lunch & Snacks

Sisterhood, Pleasure & Play

And Soul Much More!

Energy Exchange  

Meet Your Guides

Meghan is a Spiritual Guide, Embodiment Mentor and Ascension Channel on a mission to raise the vibration on the planet by helping women around the world embody their magic, and within that their true power. Her work is a portal into your fullest expression. A journey of reclamation, liberation, and goddess activation. Through your heart, your body, your pleasure, and your play, she teaches you how to rise, thrive, and come alive, in your life, love, and soul work as he true leader you were born to be. It is her highest hope that all beings find their joy remember that they are infinite, divine, beings of light.


Ashlie is a Self-Love Empowerment coach who thrives on igniting magic in others. Her pursuit is to shift the frequency of the earth to love and light. Ashlie's son Zai is her motivation to create a harmonious and safe future for the generations to come and she knows to create that it starts with our state of being. As a conscious DJ and movement mentor, Ashlie sparks your soul and jump starts you back to joy. Her connection with the Divine and her free spirit help you come home to your heart, your laughter, and your play. 

Together, Meghan and Ashlie provide a safe and potent space for transformation, miracles, and magic! 

What To Expect/Bring

We will meet in quiet location in/near Kapiolani Park (exact location to be shared once registered). Please come wearing clothes to practice yoga in. We will begin in the park and then walk to a nearby secluded beach for part of the day and finish up back in the park. A nourishing, gluten free, plant-based meal will be provided. Please also bring: 

Bathing Suit



Yoga Mat

Flowy/comfy outfit to dance in


We are so excited to meet you and dive into a day of pleasure, play & infinite possibility!

Please email or with questions 
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