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 Your POWER lies in your BODY. 

Deep within your sensual expression. The sacred, primal, wild, and free that most of us have been taught to avoid. 

It's time to learn how to use your SENSUALITY as FUEL to forge an awakening of your most powerful self. 

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, this 1:1 Sensual Reclamation Embodiment Journey is the pathway to awakening that power. 

Join me for 8 weeks of WORSHIP of the BODY temple your soul calls home. This container is a portal into your deepest embodiment and fullest expression. A journey of RECLAMATION, LIBERATION, and GODDESS ACTIVATION. A QUANTUM LEAP in Life, Love, and Leadership. 

Your BODY holds the codes. 
Your BODY is the key to your expansion.


  • Dive deep into your body, heart, and womb and reclaim all parts of yourself as worthy and whole.

  • Become your own best lover, and attune to the FREQUENCY of LOVE.

  • Go on an intimate self love journey that will leave you feeling like the Queen of your Queendom, worthy, powerful, and magnetic AF 

  • Activate your confidence and Divine feminine superpower through sensual expression and embodiment. 

  • Deepen your safety of being in your body, being seen, and sharing your truth.

  • Ignite your senses in a recalibration to ease and pleasure.

  • Unlock your unique blueprint for success while staying rooted in your feminine essence.

  • Learn how to discern your f*ck yes from your hell no by deepening your connection to your body's wisdom and intuition.


  • Embody the Goddess and remember what it feels like to get out of your own way and let the Divine lead you.​​



Is an immersive whole-body group experience for heart-centered visionaries who are ready to:

  • Activate their full power

  • Soften into their feminine essence

  • Embrace ease, pleasure, and play

  • Trust that who they are is enough

  • Blast open their receiving channels

  • Live fully alive + turned all the way on

  • Embody next level confidence in life, relationships, and work

  • Activate the Goddess within



  • We begin on 3/13

  • Live calls will be every Monday for 8 consecutive weeks via Zoom

  • Calls will take place from     1-230pm PST 

  • Each call will be 90 mins long

  • Each call will be recorded and emailed out in case you have to miss any


  • 8 x 90 min Group Transmissions + Live Coaching calls with Meghan

  • 8 x Guided Body Worship Sessions 

  • 8 x Somatic Healing/ Embodiment Practices 

  • 8 x Self Exploration Workbooks

  • Access to private group chat 

$ 1,111

Meet Your Guide 

Meghan Miller is an entrepreneur, transformational leader, and ascension channel on a mission to raise the vibration on the planet by guiding soul led women with gifts + vision into their highest evolution. Her work is a portal into your fullest expression. A journey of Reclamation, Liberation, and Goddess Activation. Through your heart, your body, your pleasure, and your play, she teaches you how to embody your true essence and become the Divine Feminine Leader of your Life.


Since 2017, she's worked with 100's of women on the subject of empowered living, feminine leadership, and embodiment helping people feel safe to express themselves freely through their bodies and their voices. She is the founder of Embodied Goddess and CEO of her personal brand serving women through transformational retreats, heart centered offerings, and 1:1. It is her greatest joy and highest honor to walk the Priestess Path with other mission driven souls in service to humanity rising. 


She believes that WE have the power to change the world. That WOMEN, deeply embodied, fully expressed, and turned all the way on - in their life, love, and sacred work - will be the ripple effect that birth's a new earth with a higher, unconditionally loving vibration.  

To the woman who is ready to activate + embody her next level of self and leadership...

This is for you!

"Only when you are fully rooted in your body can you be fully expressed in your life, your relationships, and your work."

Ready to WORSHIP?

Pay in Full
1 x $1,111

Have Questions?

DM or schedule a call here

**Payment plans available please inquire.
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